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At his primary care practice in South Gate, Mission Hills and Lawndale, California, Emile Shenouda, MD, offers in-office ultrasound technology for your convenience. An ultrasound is a painless, noninvasive diagnostic tool that Dr. Shenouda and staff can use to diagnose internal pain and other medical complications with advanced accuracy. You won’t have to wait for a referral to a hospital or another facility to get your results. To learn more about ultrasound technology, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shenouda and the staff online or by calling the office nearest you.

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What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a noninvasive imaging test that uses sound waves to create visual images of the internal structures of your body.

The test requires no surgery or incisions and you can return to your normal activities immediately afterward.

Why do I need an ultrasound?

Dr. Shenouda offers in-office ultrasound technology for your convenience. He may recommend ultrasound testing as a diagnostic tool to view your internal organs and soft tissues, checking for infections, injuries, or other abnormalities that may cause you pain or swelling.

An ultrasound is also useful in performing other procedures that require imaging guidance, such as guiding a needle into position for injection treatments for arthritis or collecting cell samples from a specific area of your body.

What can I expect during an ultrasound?

There is no special preparation for getting an ultrasound. You can expect to lie comfortably on an examination table. Dr. Shenouda applies a special gel over the treatment area that prevents friction on your skin and helps sound waves pass more effectively.

Dr. Shenouda guides a handheld imaging device called a transducer over the targeted area, which sends images to an external monitor. He watches the monitor as images of your internal structures appear then guides the transducer over the area to check for abnormalities.

Images appear in real time and offer Dr. Shenouda the opportunity to see how your inner structures are positioned and functioning.

What are the benefits of an ultrasound?

By using an ultrasound, Dr. Shenouda can see clearer images of the soft tissue of your body, which don’t show as well on X-rays.

Ultrasounds have no known side effects or risks. It is a safe and effective diagnostic tool when administered by a qualified physician like Dr. Shenouda. He and his staff put your health as the number one priority during your ultrasound appointment.

Ultrasound technology is noninvasive and the procedure doesn’t require anesthesia. You can expect the appointment to be painless and comfortable.

Results from an ultrasound are immediate. Dr. Shenouda can confirm the cause of your pain or rule out underlying medical conditions during your appointment. He can also use the information from the ultrasound to refer you to a specialist for further treatment right away.

Schedule a consultation online or by phone to learn more about the benefits of an ultrasound.

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