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If you’re planning on applying for a permanent resident status in the United States, you’re going to need a medical immigration exam. As a federally approved physician, Emile Shenouda, MD and staff offers these specialized physicals at his South Gate, Mission Hills, and Lawndale, California, offices. You can schedule an appointment by using his online booking feature, or by calling his clinic.

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What happens during a medical immigration exam?

Your medical immigration exam is going to be similar to a routine annual physical. But the physician conducting it, also known as a civil surgeon, must follow specific government guidelines and steps during your visit.

Your medical immigration exam is likely going to include:

  • Mandatory vaccinations
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test
  • Chest X-ray
  • Drug testing
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing

In most cases, you have to provide both urine and blood samples during your physical. Depending on which specific tests you need for your medical immigration exam, you might need to fast or stop taking certain medications the night before.

When can I expect my medical immigration exam results?

Dr. Shenouda and his team value timeliness when it comes to completing your medical immigration exam paperwork. His office works closely with labs to ensure that all samples are processed as quickly as possible. Depending on the specific requirements of your medical immigration exam, you can usually expect your results back within a week or two.

If any of your screenings return positive, you might have to undergo treatment. For instance, if you test positive for TB, Dr. Shenouda works with you to get started on medications right away, so you can pass the medical requirements necessary to complete your immigration paperwork.

How do I prepare for a medical immigration exam?

First, you must bring your passport or another government-issued identification card in order for Dr. Shenouda to verify your identity. Second, print out the form I-693, which is your required immigration paperwork.

It’s beneficial to bring prior medical records and a list of current medications, as well as their dosages, to help streamline your exam. Once your exam is complete, you have to sign the form I-693 in the presence of Dr. Shenouda.

Afterward, he fills out the physician’s portion of the I-693 form — including your test results — signs it and places it plus any supporting documents inside a sealed envelope. You must keep the envelope sealed, otherwise, the document often becomes void and you’ll need to fill out the paperwork all over again.

To get started, book your medical immigration exam at the office of Emile Shenouda, MD, either online, or over the phone.

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